Phosphate Buffered Saline (PBS) USP Grade *

Sterile production of pharmaceuticals in a laboratory

*(Product made with USP grade raw materials and water for injection quality water. Product not in USP.)


Product code: 108640


dpbs-buttonAlanza’s phosphate buffered saline USP grade is a sterile, 1x concentration PBS product available in vials, bags, or bottles. The product is available in 10 mL vials or 1 litre bottles or bags. The 10 mL vials are available as cases of 25 vials.

The product comes with the following formulation:


Sodium Chloride (USP grade)                                    137 mM

Potassium Chloride (USP grade)                               2.7 mM

Sodium Phosphate (USP grade)                                 4.3 mM

Potassium Phosphate (USP grade)                           1.4 mM

Water for Injection quality water (USP grade)

The product is a homogeneous, clear, colourless liquid manufactured to a pH of 7.4 and has a pH range of 6.9 to 7.9.  The product is tested for sterility.  The product meets endotoxin criteria of NMT 0.25 EU/mL and endotoxin testing can be added to the product certificate of analysis if required.  Alanza’s phosphate buffered saline product has a shelf life/recommended retest date of 2 years from date of manufacture.


Customized formulations of PBS made with USP grade raw materials and water for injection quality water can be made available in vials, bags, or bottles.  Volumes other than 10 mL and 1 L can also be accommodated.