DMSO 55% Dextran 5%


Product Code: 108862

Alanza's DMSO 55% Dextran 5% product is made with USP grade DMSO, USP grade Dextran 40, and water for injection quality water.  The product is available in vial sizes of 7 mL, 8 mL, and 100 mL.  The 7 mL and 8 mL sizes come in cases of 25 vials and the 100 mL vials are sold individually.

The DMSO 55% Dextran 5% product is tested for sterility and endotoxins and it meets criteria of not more than 0.5 EU/mL for endotoxins.  The DMSO Dextran product has a shelf life/recommended retest date of 4 years from date of manufacture.  The product is stored at 2 - 8 Celsius.